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Yard Management with SAP

Ideal gate management of the truck traffic on the company site

Through FLX-Yard Management, the entire flow of goods of arriving and leaving shipments is displayed in SAP. For this purpose, a web-based cockpit will be available to your employees.

Fast entry of every transport at the gate

The trucks are registered upon arrival at the gate via the web-based cockpit and consequently declared as incoming or dispatched goods. The truck receives a registration receipt, which assigns one distinct SAP transport to the truck, through which it can be processed.

Optimized assignments of transports to loading bays

The cockpit is specifically used for the disposition of the transports to the corresponding loading bays. In this way, registered transports can be immediately identified for the disposition via status tracking. The dispatcher navigates the assignment of incoming transports to the available loading bays per drag & drop.

Resource optimized assignment of loading and unloading processes to forklift trucks

The SAP add-on carries out a route optimized and resource optimized assignment of unloading and dispatch processes to the in-house fleet of forklifts. Here, the Yard Management can be combined with the FLX-SLS forklift control system and the mobile scanner solutions of the MOBILFLEX.NET-series in order to process in-house logistics of incoming goods through production and dispatch. As a result, paper costs can be avoided, routes can be shortened and empty runs of forklifts can be minimized. The assignment of the motion tasks to the forklift is made through the FLX-Yard Control. This allows the assignment of forklift trucks to arriving / leaving transports. The mobile management of the forklift terminals allows the optimized assignment in order to process the next tasks.

Procedure of loading bay and gate processing

1. Arrival of the truck is recorded
2. Unloading is planned for incoming goods/disposition
3. Driver is informed per pager or text message
4. Truck arrives at assigned loading bay
5. Loading/unloading and entry of the incoming goods/outgoing goods into the system by assigned forklift trucks
6. Management of the unloading process via 3D cockpit
7. Exit of the truck is recorded

By using the FLX-Yard Management, the loading bay and gate processing is completely displayed in SAP. The web-based solution supports the process management starting from registration of the truck at the gate over the loading/unloading to leaving the company site. The current loading status and the position of the transport can be displayed and controlled via the cockpit.

Innovative interfaces result in optimized truck management

The FLX Yard Management provides the possibility of including extern systems, such as scales. Upon arrival/exit, those extern systems forward the recorded entries directly to the SAP system. Also, upon arrival at the company site, the trucks can head towards electronic barriers for technical registration.

2D/3D visualization of loading and unloading processes

The 2D/3D - extension of the FLX-Yard Management allows the display of the current position of the truck on the company site. Based on the factory topology, the processing status of the loading/unloading can be followed and controlled via the 3D-extension. Objects can be marked via touch-technology and current statuses can be displayed immediately. The FLX-Yard Management solution helps to reduce costs and increases the process efficiency of the transport processing. Expand the FLX-Yard Management with the FLX-SLS forklift control system for in-house motion task processing and the mobile solution for SAP® from the MOBILFLEX.NET© series!


  • Complete documentation of the entire factory transport
  • Central management of the disposition on one screen
  • Detailed listings of all expected or already registered transports of the planning period
  • Direct communication between the SAP cockpit and the truck driver via e*message or text message
  • Overview of the current positions via 2D / 3D factory chart
  • Increase in efficiency of the loading / unloading of the trucks
  • Increased quality of planning

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